The Attractions

Haunted Hayride Celebrating 20 Years!

Experience one of the most unique haunted traditions in New England.

Board our tractor pulled hay wagons into our fields and forest of fear for thirty minutes of spine chilling fun. You may try and huddle together for safety, but in our domain we live to hear you scream! Into the darkness you will descend imprisoned on our sinister ride… deeper and darker the driver will go. No one will hear your curdling screams over the chainsaws and the clowns’ maniacal laughter. There is no escaping the nightmares we create.

The Melon Head Pumpkin Monster

The Melon Head Revenge Trail

Do they exist?

You have heard the legends. It's time to walk our sinister trail and seek your own truth! Are you brave enough to venture into our forgotten forest? The Melon heads are deformed, demented, cannibalistic beings that have inhabited this very road for generations. This hallowed ground has been kept secret and undisturbed until now! You will encounter sinister creatures from the underworld thirsty for intruders. It is said a horrible entity roams these dark woods, watching, waiting, and feasting. Stay close! You do not wish to be lost in these haunted woods alone!