The Attractions

Haunted Hayride Celebrating Over 26 Years!

Experience one of the most unique haunted traditions in New England.

Board our tractor pulled hay wagons into our fields and forest of fear for thirty minutes of spine chilling fun. You may try and huddle together for safety, but in our domain we live to hear you scream! Into the darkness you will descend imprisoned on our sinister ride… deeper and darker the driver will go. No one will hear your curdling screams over the chainsaws and the clowns’ maniacal laughter. There is no escaping the nightmares we create.

The Melon Head Pumpkin Monster

The Hallow Trail

Featuring Melon Head Revenge Trail, Haunted Hemlock Manor, Pine Hills Parish, The Dark Harvest, and the Funhouse of Fear

Deep in the woods of this historic family farm, the Legends are ALIVE! Walk these Hallowed Grounds this October for the most Fun and Fright you will ever experience!

No one under the age of 12 recommended on the trail. Parental discretion is strongly encouraged. All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Melon Head Revenge Trail

The Legends you have heard are true! Demented, cannibalistic beings have inhabited the woods of Fearview for generations are now they are out for blood! Enter their forest at your own risk! These grounds have remained undisturbed by outsiders for centuries… until now!

Hemlock Manor Mortuary

Hemlock Manor Mortuary is home to Edgar the Mortician. Isolated from civilization, he has devolved into a sadistic being, driven by the desire to inflict pain and suffering. His respect and reverence for the dead has transformed into a desire to make you part of his collection.

Pine Hills Parish

Sinners be warned! The parishioners of Pine Hills Parish have been keeping a secret from the townsfolk. They have been handing out their own version of penance to the visitors who seek absolution. Dare to enter their house of worship! Repent, repent… the end is near!

The Dark Harvest

All the ghouls and creatures of Halloween come out to play on the Haunted Farm! Vampires and fiends lurk in the shadows… waiting for their next victim. Become part of the Ritual at Raven’s Rock and brave the Scarecrow Village… where the next thing stuffed might just be you!

The Funhouse of Fear

Inside our Trail, the remnants remain of what once was a vibrant carnival and Fun House… here the Freak show was the main attraction and children ran from booth to booth eating cotton candy and riding the ferris wheel. The carnival operators died and the carnival remained dormant, the trees and foliage grew and covered the remains until it was recently discovered. We cannot say, but darkened hallways are filled with demonic laughter of something terrifying — even to us. We have added this experience this year to those willing to enter, however once you step inside, the fun house may come alive crawling with its inhabitants!